Thursday, March 17, 2011

Munchkins!! I've been looking forward to these ones...hehe

There are four munchkins in this show. ( plus three of the Lullaby League and two for the Lollipop Guild. )

Lullaby and Lollipop need a fitting before they're far enough for pictures, but here are the four munchkins!

They each have a pair of white bloomers to wear underneath, and they're wearing their hair in side buns with big polka dot bows wrapped around them.  :)

Here's a little close up of the bodices. 

Eeee!  So sweet!  I can't wait to get these onto the girls.  (Although I do have a sneaking suspicion that I have the skirt too long on one of  Oops.)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's over the rainbow? SHINY THINGS!!!!!

There's lots of pretty and sparkly happening in my sewing space right now.  :-D
First, I got the rest of the rainbow fabric in the mail this week, so now you can see it all together.
Ooooooh!!! SHINY!!!
There are seven girls, one per  Each color has a plain lycra, a metallic lycra, and a confetti sequin that will run in broad ribbons of sparkle across their costumes.

The Rainbows
 I can't wait to start these!!

Also, we have photos for the poster coming up this Saturday, so the main characters need to be ready to go by Friday (Or at least pinnable...which is where we'll be by then. lol)

Dorothy is ready for a final fitting and then buttons and bling.  No worries, the straps are not actually attached there.  lol 

The Wicked Witch has a skirt, but this is the only sneaky peek you get until the overlay is on it and it's all together.  ;-D 

Thanks to my fearless friend, Deb, Glinda has one more layer until she has a skirt too!  Sweet!  Can't wait to get the overlay on this one, it's SOOOOO sparkly.

Desperately hoping that the silver unitard makes it here by tomorrow.  Fingers X'd.

And now...I'm off to sparkle up some little red ballet slippers! 

Friday, March 4, 2011


* "Whadda they got that I ain't got?"
~ "Courage"
* "You can say that again!  a hahaha"

How can you not just LOVE the Cowardly Lion.  He's so cute.  :-)
And what's a lion without his giant mane?

It starts with a stretchy hood pattern.  Most costumes have a somewhat loose fitting hood and that's NOT what you want for something with so much weight.  It needs to fit snugly and be firm on the dancers head so it doesn't move too much.

I used this pattern:

Once the hood is assembled, you can start adding on the "fur."  Remember this stuff?

Toss it into a bag, and mix it up.  Then pull out small handfulls with a good mix of each type of yarn and ribbon.

Spread each section of the yarn flat on your hood and stitch across the center of the bunch.

It doesn't take very many rows.


Even with a single layer of yarn and goodies in each row, you'll find that they're VERY full.

When he's all furry, you'll probably need to spend some time giving him a hair cut.  Trim any pieces that are especially long.  Then sweep the front back, so it doesn't end up in your dancers eyes, and sew the ears on through the yarn so it stays back. 

Here's Mr. Lion before he has ears:


All finished and modeled by my daughter, Baylie (Hey, I never claimed my children were normal!  lol)

And here's the whole look (Note, the actual cast member wearing this costume is a few years older/taller than Bay.)
Oh, wait...Cowardly....Got it...