Friday, June 10, 2011

It's SHINY, Sugar!

Sometimes a plan works out far more beautiful that you imagined it.  :)

Remember this?

When it was all taken apart, I was left with this beautiful metallic sheer.  The debate became, what to line it with.  The smoky lavendar color is really affected by the color of the lining.

I pulled four choices from my fabric stash...

The pink was TOO much for me, and I liked the purples, but under light it was too sedate.

In the end, I LOVED the way the silver fabric shimmered under the sheer, and the fact that its cotton (and therefor makes a very stable base) was icing on the cake. 

It just looks like sugar and sprinkles and all things pretty. 

And in the end...

Yummm.  :)

The bodice is cut from the back of the tunic top, where there's no embroidery and completely assembled before any of the embroidery was added. 

The embellishments were taken from the neckline and bottom hem of the tunic. 

They were fussy cut and stitched in place by hand.  The flesh panel was stitched in last and can easily be  removed and replaced if the dancer has a darker skin tone. 

It tapers off as it wraps around the back and on an appropriately sized body (I need a smaller dress form!!), the two ends will just meet along the center back.  :)