Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

These are not my tutorials (I cram my advice down your throats enough as it is!) but I've found them to be fun, informative, unendingly useful, or all of the above. :) If there's a topic you would like covered on Tutorial Tuesdays, let me know in the comments section!

How can I....

Build a hat?

For the Mad Hatter
These are the instructions I used to make the hat for our recent production of Alice. If you cut the top of your cardboard (or in my case I used buckram) into a soft wave, you get a nicely lopsided top to your hat! :)

A Cocktail Hat
This is a really nice detailed tutoral that teaches you to make your own cocktail hat base.

A Cute "Newsboy" Type Cap
This is such a sweet hat for boys and could be used in a wide range of stage parts.

Here's a great tutorial to make an elf hat!

And one more,
A really nice set of directions for a floral hair wreath.
They show it with cut flowers, but you can just as easily substitute silk flowers for your next "village girl." Copellia, anyone?

I hope you find these tutorials as useful and fun as I do!

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