Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Audition Time!!

Most of the audition advice floating around on the internet applies to older dancers auditioning for advanced parts or ballet companies.

The audition process can seem a bit intimidating for parents and dance kids who are trying out for the very first time. Don't worry! It's not as scary as the movies. I promise.

Here are some Do's and Don't's to help you through your dancers audition.

*Come prepared. Your class uniform is fine, but everything should be clean, neat, and in good repair (No holes!!) Hair should be in a stage-ready bun with no whispies. Remove any jewelry before going in.

*Arrive early. Give yourself plenty of time to fill out paperwork, have measurements taken, and get comfortable with the process.

*Encourage your dancer to warm up and stretch if they are old enough to do so.

*Remind your dancer to curtsy and thank the instructors.

*Bring your calendar! Many studios will have a tentative rehearsal schedule in place and will want to know about any conflicts or family trips right away.

*Don't load on the stage makeup. If your dancer is old enough to wear makeup on a day to day basis, then light and natural looking make-up is fine. The younger crowd does not need makeup unless instructed otherwise.

*Don't try to watch the audition. It's not allowed. Period.

*Dont talk and chatter in the space outside the audition room. If you can hear their music, they can hear your voice.

*Don't rush out the door the second they're dismissed. Hang around a little bit. Some places will need to see your dancer again in combination with other dancers, or have questions for you. Be sure you're REALLY done before you go home.

*Please, don't ever tell your child that you're sorry they didn't get a bigger part. They are ALL big parts. The so called "small" parts are the ones that tell the story, and there wouldn't be a ballet without them.

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