Sunday, February 13, 2011

All the pretty pictures....

Sketches serve a lot of purposes for me. They give me a place to work out changes and shapes without making costly mistakes on my (sometimes expensive) fabric, I can work out placement of fabric colors and trim, so I know how much to buy. They let the director into my head so she can SEE what I have planned and approve (hopefully) or ask for changes (that's okay

MOST importantly....they're FUN!

Here's a little bit of the process...

I will generally start with a croquis. Basically, it's a body sketch that I can trace into my book and then 'dress' with a costume. Using a croquis means that once I've drawn a pose I'm happy with, I can use it over and over without redrawing it. A huge time saver because I'm still learning to draw the human figure, and getting things in proportion takes me AGES. This is still a bit wonky, but it's a good starting place and I can tweek it as I do my costume sketch.....I hope. lol

Now the body gets sketched into my book and the costume laid over the dancer sketch. Here you can JUST see the outline of the croquis underneath. I was adjusting the position of the leg. Even paper dancers must have good technique! ;-)

This will go through several incarnations before I'm happy with it, and each revision will be more detailed and textured than the last.



Stay tuned, lots more sketches to come! :D

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  1. Hello - I "know" you from 2Ps. I just wanted to say I've been enjoying watching your process for the show. I help with costuming at our tiny studio, but we don't even approach your skill level or production size. So, it's kind of like seeing what it's like amongst the 'grownups'.

    I'll keep reading and watching things take shape - very interesting!