Friday, February 11, 2011

Where does it all come from?

The question I get most is "Where do you get all of your ideas?" Inspiration comes from all over the place! A crazy fabric, an interesting texture, a feeling that comes from the music chosen by the director. Some costumes will need to accomodate a very particular style of movement, or need to portray a certain mood. I try to work with costumes in sets and keep a thought towards what will be on stage together.

This fairy costume started with a pile of left over fabric from another project. At the beginning of a show, I will pull my boxes out and make piles of any fabric I think I might be able to use for that production. I had all of these beautiful fabrics and ribbons and bits of things..... but only had little pieces of them.


The inspiration for Mr. Hatter came from a WILD cotton quilting fabric that I found at a local shop. I tried really hard to convince myself that I could use something else (it was a little pricy) but then found the shiny vinyl to match..and lost the battle.

(Please excuse the pins. We were still fitting.)

I doodle constantly....multiple sketchbooks full of sleeves, skirts, tutu plates, you name it.

My cell phone is full of pictures of random things...Snow flake ornaments, architectural elements, fabrics (okay, that's not as I have fashion books in my coffee table, from current to...erm...not so current. (15th century armor anyone?) I really get my ideas everywhere! :)

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