Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shopping success, and some more sneaky peeks!

It's all official. I have a cast list, measurements, and a budget. Yay shopping!

A few of the costumes are sketched, shopped and ready to start sewing. :D

So...some sneaky peeks, just for you.

Glinda is made from two shades of lame, with serious lining to stabilize the fabric. The sparkled sheer was PERFECT for her over skirt, and it'll be built on a very full romantic tutu.

Munchkins! I'm still working out which dress I'll make, but I'm leaning towards the bottom left. Each munchkin has two fabrics, a nice bold plaid or strip, and a "solid" to match.

And the Lullaby League. My cell phone picture just does NOT do this fabric justice. It's so so so sweet. The girls will have little powder puff tutus and pretty, flower covered head bands.

Oh, and a moment of funny. Someone asked me this week how big my sewing studio is, and it kind of made me giggle.

This is where I sew...

That is the teeny dining room in my dinky house. My poor family rarely sees the top of that table. lol I would love to have a dedicated sewing room someday, but for now we just make it work. =)

More fabric and pictures to come. Tomorrow I dig into my stash and see what I have tucked away that might fit this show. FUN!


  1. the munchkins are going to be so cute! I can't wait to have a dedicated room of my own. I love your giant family of sewing machines. Can I come over and just watch you sew?

  2. lol...I love company! I have to have a back up for each machine, so two sergers and two sewing machines. I've had a machine break and leave me in deep trouble one too many times.

  3. Wow! That's an impressive amount of machines. It would take me years to thread all those. Tee hee.


  4. Wow your costumes are going to be amazing. It is amazing to see what you create in your small space. It just goes to show you that you don't need a fancy enormous area to be creative. Awesome!