Saturday, February 26, 2011

The week in review...Fitting and pinning!

Progress report time!

Glinda and the Wicked Witch are ready for their initial fittings..

How amazing is that bodice pattern??  It's #2106 from Tutus That Dance.  Such pretty lines.  I'm totally smitten. 

The white section up the center of the Glinda bodice is where that lovely piece of "magic" smocking will be sewn on.

Here it is sort of laying in it's spot.  It's too bulky to be included in the seams, so it'll have to be top stitched in place later. 

I cut enough brown yarn and ribbon to circle the earth twice...

Or to make a cowardly lion mane.  Tutorial coming up later this week, so stay tuned for that! =)

Lots of pink and white flowers stripped from their stems...
All ready to be sewn onto head pieces for the Lullaby League.  Preeeetty.....  Somehow I've controlled the urge to toss them into the air and watch them fall.  It's really SERIOUSLY tempting though.
And was scarred for life.  I found the silver lycra unitard I need for the beginning of the tin man costume...
I will NEVER search the internet for "silver lycra unitard" ever EVER again. 

There are some very strange people on the internet.........   o.O


  1. I searched ebay once for a white unitard...I know exactly what you people really wear those???and who?

  2. hahahaha....Apparently they do, and PLEASE God I don't ever want to meet them. lol

  3. Wow!!!! Your blog site is great! My friend and I love that there are more strangely organised people like us! LOL... I love the bodice you posted but when I tried to go to the website to get the pattern my computer was over run with viruses! Is there any other way of getting the pattern?